Tabs pros and cons


I have 2 pages, both have a repeating group of approximately 1000 rows (if you click on one, it sends you to different pages with the information of the current cell).

As I said earlier I have it on 2 separate pages and it works great but I want to know if it would be okay to implement tabs. In other words, I would have a page with 2 different tabs, each tab with repeating groups of 1000 rows each.

Would it be a good idea to have tabs? or continue working with 2 different pages?
And what are the pros and cons of tabs?

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Pulling out 1k rows on page load will be slow, I would suggest setting it first to something like 10 and then allowing user to display more. In my SPA i use 20 + tables and with this configuration it works very good. 2 Tables will be nothing :wink:



So, if I have 1k rows, do you still recommend having tabs?

How can I make this?

Even if you have 1000 records in your DB, you don’t need to display 1000 rows. You can pick 5, 10, or 20 - just set the rows to 5-20 or some other small number in the RG element. Bubble will automatically handle the scrolling when the user gets to the bottom of the list and load further entries from the DB. You can also try different views in RG, such as extended vertical scrolling instead of regular vertical scrolling.

Thanks, I will try this.

:grinning: :computer:

Or you can use Do a search for[your item] items until - this will allow you to influence how many rows you want your users do display (and then bind it to some dropdown list with rows per page for example)

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