Tagging on a forum

Hi! I’ve been trying to setup a site that lets people create their own forums, and within those forums there would be a way for the forum creators to let people tag themselves.

EG: Someone might create a forum for a group of different companies. They’d create a tag that is “Company”, and when people sign up, they would write their company in. You’d then be able to see a full list of people organised by their Company.

My attempts for far involved letting the forum creators pick a tag from a dropdown, and assigned that to the specific forum data as text.

But my problem is getting a specific user to then pick a tag.

Current the workflow is:

Forum creator picks a tag here:

The field type “Set” (forum) gets the “set user tag” from that dropdown.

The user then has the chance to set up a user tag.

What I’m struggling to figure out is how to make the user picking a user tag and matching it to the current forum’s user tag - and how to make them different across different forums.

Hopefully that makes sense!

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