Tagging System using Multidropdown

I’m new to bubble and I’m lost right now.

Here’s a quick overview of what I’m doing.

Whenever I add a new “Commission Program” I can specify the “Baseline” int value and tag a specific “Agent”.

In here I am able to generate the “Commission Earned” which is Collection Fee - Baseline

Now, my problems are:

  1. I want to remove the “Commission Program” of an Agent then the “Commission Earned” will be remove.

  2. Same thing with the first one, when I remove “Agent” from the “Commission Program” the “Commission Earned” also remove.

Here’s the workflow when I edit each RG

Step 1: I change the values of my columns based on the input elements

Step 2: I remove the Commission Program tags


Step 3: I get the value of my multidropdown then adds it to the 1st step


The other one is almost the same

Step 1:

Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:

Personally, I would focus on the database structure.

I believe having on the Agent data type a list of Commission Programs.

On the Commission Programs data type, you will have a field for the Agent as well as fields for commission earned and the Commission Program Type (this can be an option set value and would be things like Com 1, Com 2 etc.)

With this setup it will be very easy to search the database for Commission Program with Constraints for the Agent field to be able to quickly see how much commission they earned for each Commission type they are a part of.

With the database structure outlined above, you will just delete the Commission Program of the specific program type for the specific agent. No need to delete it from the Agent data types field of commission program list since it will automatically be removed from the list when you delete the commission program data entry.

Same idea as above.

So, within your table you will have the datatype be Agent with a search for Agents and can constrain by the Commission Program List field to only show agents that are part of a program.

Then in your Commission Program column you simply display the current cell’s Agents commission program list field each items commission program type display (again, I’d be using an Option set for the commission program type).

Then in your Commission Earned column you will use the current cell’s Agents commission program list each items commission earned :sum.

The column of Commission earned will automatically update when you delete a specific commission program for a specific agent.

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I recreated my database structure and it works, thank you for the help.

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