💰!Take a screenshot of the entire page while using mobile device

Hey guys,

I need something really quick to do.
I have a browser that will access the camera, pointed to a marker that will load some Augmented Reality object.
So far so good. Now I need to take a screenshot of that. If I take a screenshot of both camera and the AR object, it will have different resolution, it will not render perfectly so I can merge the images later.
I was thinking if I can load the website in bubble with something similar to iFrame, have the button from bubble to make the screenshot of what the users sees, this way I can capture the AR mixed with reality.
Can it be done?
Is anyone willing to help? PAID help.
Need this in <1 hour.

Have you tried the snapshot plugin?

I’ve managed to fix it directly in html. Thanks!

Would you mind sharing the solution?

it’s rather complicated and doesn’t have anything to do with bubble.
I needed AR content to be captured, so I am capturing the camera, the AR content and combine them togeter, AR png and camera jpeg…

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