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Taking an action for a list of users

Is there a way to take an action for a list of users based on an event?

On my app, an teacher can perform an admin action (let’s say assign a reading) for a given student.

I am trying to implement something where a given action can be done for a set of users (assign the same reading to all the students in a class) without the teacher going to each individual student’s page and assigning a reading.

I have the teacher-student relationship stored in a table and the contents in a separate table.

I am not clear on how to join the two and build a 1-n mapping for assignments.

Please advise.


If you can get a list of students then you can “schedule API workflow on a list” (under Custom Events). Build an API Workflow (you have to subscribe to a Personal plan) that takes one student from the list and does what you need.

Thank you for the pointer, I am able to create a list, create a workflow and schedule it too.

Next stop - the API Workflow does not seem to either do anything or does not get invoked.

Is there any way to debug what’s going on within the API workflow and why it does not do anything?

Also - is there a way I can search where an API workflow is being called from within an app? I thought it would be simple but can’t seem to find it.


Can you share a link to your app? :slight_smile:

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