Taking user answers, scoring them and creating recommended things

Hi guys - hope you can help me as i’m a bit stuck.

I’m creating an assessment app which has 2 different styles of questions:
1 - Framing questions e.g. ‘what is your favourite sport’ - the answer to these is an option set e.g. football, tennis, rugby etc
2 - I then have a bunch of multiple choice questions

The responses to each of these styles of questions are stored in a single type, Assessment so this looks something like:

Field: Value
Favourite_sport: “Football”
Favourite_colour: “Red”
Answer_to_multi-choice question 1: “Relevant”
Answer_to multi-choice question 2: “Not relevant”

Up to this point is all good, i can get the data to save correctly.

What i’m struggling with is the next part…

In a separate type called Recommendations, i have a master list of recommendations e.g.:

Recommendation_name: “Go to XYZ stadium tour”
Relevance_to_football_fans: “High”
Relevance_if_favorite_colour_is_red: “L”

i want to be able to use the the responses to the questions stored in Assessment and score each of the master recommendations. In excel or a standard relational DB, this would be relatively easy, but i cant seem to figure out how to join across two types using conditional logic. An example of a scoring calc would be:

if assessments.favourite_sport = “Football” and recommendations.relevance_to_football_fans = “High”, score = 10, else score 0.

Ultimately i want to populate a separate type (score_recomendations) to hold the top 5 recommendations, but i cant even do the basic scoring!

Anyone got any tips on how to do scoring as i’ve outlined here? For further context, there’s over 80 questions in the assessment so a lot of logic… if there is an efficient way of doing these types of scoring in bubble, please let me know!

thanks a million!

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Very interested in the answer to this query, as I need to do something similar in a couple of weeks :slight_smile:

Have you considered using something like parabola (or maybe even integromat)? This was my current thinking.

Looking at Integromat… parabola seems quite pricey for what i need.

I look for the almost the same thing aha ! I just made a topic and i got an interesting answer which could be a good start for you :

Hi, I
I just released a new plugin that implements AI based on the Graph Theory to give you recommendations based on usage patterns in your app. **
It’s very easy to use also !**

Take a look:

Nice Bubbling!