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🚀 - Learning sessions on demand - instantly

Hi there!

:rocket: I am thrilled to announce that starting today, you can get instant Bubble help through platform.

Did it happen to you to get stuck into an issue and you couldn’t continue further?
You have searched hours after hours to find a solution, and finally, you found it! Yuhuu! Does this sound familiar to you? I bet it is.

But I am wondering, did it worth the effort? You have just spent hours when you could instantly hire someone to teach you how to do it.

If you build Bubble applications, the platform is for you. I know that you faced some issues with Bubble development, issues with the business side of your application(“where’s the money?” question), and issues with your application design and many others critical aspects.

Instead of figuring out yourself how things work and waste a lot of time finding the answers in a too crowded online space, you meet that one person able to help you right now.

Forget about scheduling meetings, forget about the time zone differences when planning a coaching session, and just get a teaching session right now.

For now, you can get teaching sessions in the following areas:

Design - Your app is not that attractive? Start your design lesson right now

Bubble Development - Need Help with Bubble? Start your Bubble lesson right now

Business - You want to learn more about business? Book a business learning session

Marketing - Your want to grow your business. We get it. Start your marketing session now

Please let us know your feedback, we appreciate it. Thank you!

PS: I am Constantin, here you can find more about me: