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(Team) I'am looking to build a team for working on a new big project

Hello Bubblers.

I’am looking for some high skilled Bubble users here to work on a big project.
This is not a salary role or a role where you earn money, it is a project we will work on, once it is online it will be a massive revenue stream. I already have some celebrities that will help with the marketing. From NBA Players to Chelsea & Real Madrid players they will help us with the marketing. I’am also a very skilled UI/UX designer with 9 years of experience and i can design and work on the application. I only can not do hard tasks on Bubble like create a task list.

It will be a project management app with alot of functionalities. We will communicate on Slack with my private channel and work together on the application.

If the project is finished everyone gets a %20 share from the project.

What you’ll need to do (examples):

Create a task list (a advanced one with alerts, etc)
Advanced Repeating Group lists

If you are interested please reply here and i’ll add you to my private Slack channel.