Tech Partnership for Entrepreneurs | Parshva Catalyst


We are Parshva, a startup studio anchored in the heart of San Francisco.

Our raison d’être? Serving as the tech pillar for visionary entrepreneurs. We excel in crafting transformative products from idea to execution. Our multifaceted team, skilled in UI/UX, Frontend, Backend, AI, ML, and beyond, has successfully co-forged several 7-figure startups—evidence of the strength in our tech partnership ethos.

We uniquely blend Bubble’s agility with the power of Google Cloud and AWS. The result? The zest of Bubble’s quick turnarounds without the constraints of traditional no-code platforms.

Are you our next partner? We’re scouting for builders who are:

  1. Deep-diving innovators with rich industry insights.
  2. Game-changers dedicated to spearheading innovative products.

If that’s you, it’s time we amplify your aspirations. Schedule a call via our website for a tour through our portfolio.

And if you’re local, let’s chat over coffee. DM me!


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