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Tech Talent South - Worth it?

Hey everyone,

So the coworking space/incubator I work out of is hosting Tech Talent South in December. I’m just reaching out to see if any bubblers know of anyone who has gone through it (and their experiences).

Just seems like I can already do so much with bubble. I’m wondering if it’s worth it.

I can give some insight by contrasting 2 experiences…

PBE (pre bubble era), I did a Ruby on Rails immersion course. My goal was to be able to build lightweight functional products so I could validate them. The learning curve was very steep as you had to learn about everything from backend hosting to front end styling to actually programming the thing. My most frustrating experience was when the hosting provider (heroku) would constantly change their Ruby versions and break my code resulting in me having to figure out what happened.

Now fast forward to BE (bubble era), I just drag and drop and setup the workflows and it works. Sure there are issues, sometimes it goes down - odd things something appear. But in return I get to quickly build what I’m trying to without having to worry about the tech stack which is not my goal. My goal is to validate and focus on the business issue. This is what bubble excels at for me.

So back to your question I think it depends on your goal - if bubble meets those needs then I see no reason to go and invest time and frustration.


Yeah, that’s what I figured. Sticking with team bubble… Thanks John!

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