Technical Cofounder Opportunity!

Looking for a technical dev for a project. Preferably in the US and needs to have entrepreneurial mindset. I have a MVP and a mockup set in place. Project is about revolutionalizing how we use social platforms.

The ideal partner would be a full stack developer with good communication skills, ideally with experience in creating web apps and browser extensions. We will execute a working MVP and continue to hire developers after a successful proof of concept.

This is a pure consumer play, go big or go home type of project that leans heavy on a network effect. It’s important for me that you are not ONLY about getting paid but think more about impact this can have for the years to come and the inevitable growth this will have once it reaches the people.

DM if you want know more about this project.

I think you will need a consultant not a developer. If you want to go big you will need funds or a partner with big pockets that can feed your dream.

Does this have anything to do with Bubble ?


No, but if you want to be part of a revolution then go ahead and apply. Be careful for 2 years of hard work and noodles everyday.