Teclab is hiring!


Job Title: Bubble Developer

Job Description:

We are seeking a talented and experienced Bubble Developer to join our dynamic team. As a Bubble Developer, you will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining web applications using the Bubble platform. You should have a strong understanding of visual programming, no-code/low-code development, and a passion for creating user-friendly and responsive applications.


  1. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather and analyze project requirements.

  2. Design and implement scalable and efficient web applications using the Bubble platform.

  3. Customize and extend the functionality of existing applications to meet specific project needs.

  4. Ensure the responsiveness and optimal performance of applications across various devices and browsers.

  5. Troubleshoot, debug, and resolve issues to maintain the stability and reliability of the applications.

  6. Stay updated on the latest Bubble platform features and best practices to enhance development processes.

  7. Collaborate with UI/UX designers to implement visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

  8. Conduct code reviews and provide constructive feedback to maintain code quality and standards.

  9. Work closely with project managers to ensure timely delivery of projects and meet client expectations.

  10. Document development processes, workflows, and codebase for future reference and knowledge sharing.


  1. Proven experience as a Bubble Developer or similar role.

  2. Strong proficiency in visual programming and no-code/low-code development.

  3. In-depth knowledge of web development technologies, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  4. Experience in integrating third-party APIs and services into Bubble applications.

  5. Familiarity with database design and management within the Bubble platform.

  6. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

  7. Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.

  8. Strong communication skills to convey technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

  9. Up-to-date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices.

  10. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field (or equivalent experience).

If you are passionate about creating innovative and user-friendly web applications using the Bubble platform, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our growing team.

Interested applicants should forward their CVs to hr@teclabmsl.com

NB: I’m not the one hiring. Please don’t send any DM. I’m just reposting so the community can benefit. Thank you!

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Where did you find this posting. Info about the company itself is always handy. A landing page even.

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You asked for it bro :joy:

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