Template and Plugin Licensing Clarification

Yeah I too was a bit confused about the differences and upon first assumption thought that ‘Open Source’ would simply be a free to use template ($0) that can be used in any form, multiple times and the commercial is for paid only templates, $1 and above and one time use per payment, similar to the paid plugins structure. But it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Just for some context I have a free template that is set to commercial @fayewatson @sudsy - whats odd though is that this template was originally set to ‘Open Source’ and was $10 - before I decided to then change to free, but in order to do so, I couldn’t change the type nor access to the price, so I have to remove it from the templates store and re-add as what is shown below:

To be honest, I can’t remember the process of setting a price on the template I submitted at first with the ‘Open Source’ type and I guess the price can only be set once during the submission process.

I also have another template that is free, but this is ‘Open Source’ - I also cannot change the license type for this either (or the price), but I guess it makes sense, as its initially added as free, so can’t be then paid right.

But yeah, it would be nice if Bubble could make things a bit clearer on the template page about what the licencing means, does ‘Open Source’ allow other users to add the template to their dashboard, make changes and then resell as a commercial template - I’m not sure? And why can you set the price of a template that is ‘Open Source’ when publishing and then not change the price there after (maybe a bug I experienced or it has since changed)?

@neerja please could you shed some light on the different publishing licenses for the templates, it would be helpful moving forward