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TEMPLATE: CustomGPT - train your own GPT chatbot

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce the completion of CustomGPT - a Bubble template that allows you to train and host your own GPT-3.5/4 chatbot with custom knowledge.

:bulb: There is a CustomGPT chatbot trained on this documentation. Try it out by asking questions! If the answer is in the documents, CustomGPT will be able to give you a relevant answer. If not, ask me and I’ll give you the answer and update the docs + chatbot accordingly :smiley:

Complete documentation is available here.

:question: Use Case

Here’s an example use case. You have a a product - let’s take a completely random example and say it’s a Bubble template. Your users have lots of questions, except the answers are already in the documentation somewhere on your website.

  1. Upload the entire documentation using the CustomGPT admin panel (text, PDF, webpages, Youtube videos…)
  2. CustomGPT processes all of this information and stored in Pinecone database
  3. A user asks a question about the product
  4. CustomGPT finds the relevant section of the documentation and gives it to GPT-3.5/4 along with the user’s message
  5. GPT-3.5/4 responds using the relevant information.
  6. An accurate answer is given to the user, saving you customer support time and helping the customer get on with their day quicker.

You’ve probably worked out this example isn’t so random - you can try out CustomGPT by asking anything about the template. If it’s in the documentation, CustomGPT will tell you! Try it out here.

:sunglasses: Features

  • add your own memory to GPT-3.5/4
  • easily rebrand the whole site in your colours or theme
  • adjust variables like the similarity requirement for memory items and chunk size
  • categorisation allows you to create different pages that use different memory items
    • e.g suppose you have two products
    • you can separate the memory for product 1 and product 2
    • create one page that allows a user to chat about product 1 and another about product 2
  • no account system or conversation history
    • wait, that’s a feature?
    • yes. It means the app is simple as heck to use and modify. If you want to add conversation history (like I did in FlexGPT) you absolutely can do that yourself or we can discuss a custom quote for your requirements

:grin: How do I get it?

This template isn’t on the Bubble marketplace as the preview would only be functional if I included the necessary API keys in the template, which I don’t want to do, because, you know, it’s the internet. But, you can still get it just as easily!

Template as-is

The template costs $99 as-is for a single app. Developers can purchase a $299 license to use it on unlimited apps. You can comment on the forum post or private message me that you’d like an invoice, along with the email you’d like to send it to.

Template with customisation

I am happy to set up the template for you using your API keys, text, and branding. You can contact me for a custom quote, which includes the template cost plus a fixed fee depending on your requirements. Include:

  • use case
  • branding details
  • additional requirements beyond what’s included
  • anything else I ought to know

A simple set up with your own branding, text, and API keys with no additional features costs $249 ($99 for template and $150 for customisation). This will be completed within 3-5 days. You can comment on the forum post or private message me that you’d like an invoice, along with the email you’d like to send it to.

How do I get this?

:muscle: Dependencies

:globe_with_meridians: APIs

:electric_plug: Plugins

None of these plugins are essential.

  • ChatGPT With Real Time Streaming - $10/mo or $80 once. Used to allow real-time message streaming. Template also offered without the plugin but without real-time message streaming.
  • AirAlert - for success/error confirmation. Not essential but a nice to have (and free).
  • Copy to Clipboard - for copying CustomGPT message to the clipboard. Again, not essential but required for the copy feature.
  • Markdown Pro - for rendering CustomGPT message with markdown/code syntax highlighting. Not essential if you only need text output.

Where is the link to the template?

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You should put the link to the template on the forum showcase thread about the template. It might help you sell your template. Just a suggestion to help you. You don’t need to follow free marketing advice.


Haha of course, but the template isn’t listed on the marketplace - that’s why the linked demo is the chatbot trained on the documentation. And it also serves as a good way to show the benefit of training your own chatbot :slight_smile:

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Added support for people who don’t want to use the real-time streaming plugin :slight_smile: Exactly the same, except without live-streamed text content.

So where do we buy this? but much better if you had it on bubble like, but I understand!

PM me or email [email protected] with:

Requirements (template as-is or with set-up and/or customisation?)
Light mode template, dark mode template, or both
Business / individual name
Business / individual email
Personal/commercial use or are you developing for a client?

This template is briliant! @georgecollier thanks also for the swift replies and the great communications. We were up and running in less than 48 hrs.

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