Template not working

Hey guys

I downloaded a template and it’s not displaying properly?

It displays a bunch of jumbled up words on each page instead of the content shown in the template demo

Can anyone help me understand why?

Welcome @isamjoel

If I’m not mistaken, this is Canvas. If it is Canvas, you can access the documentation here and @stephanie will help, if not Canvas, at least you should share the template link or editor link so we can help you.

Good luck

Yes you are correct good sir > it’s Canvas

I will send you the editor link shortly

Actually I don’t know how to share the editor link?


Hey, Stephanie can you please help me set up my AirDev template?


The document link for Canvas is above, you can start there.

Here you can see the things you need to share the editor link, after you make these settings, just copy and paste the URL.

PS: You don’t need to send me the editor link, the documentation and the Airdev team will help you a lot better.

Good luck

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