Template recommendation anyone..?

Recommendations appreciated!
We sell high quality leads to home improvement “Pro’s” (i.e. roofers, painters, solar companies, etc.) and would like an app for these Pro’s.
Pro’s log into their dashboard, set preferences once (i.e. geographical region they work in, info about their expertise/specialties), enter their credit card details, and then order leads in whatever quantity they like. Boom, an order is placed.
We then go about populating their account with these leads, as they come in. Each lead has a handful of details (name & address type details, plus any comments the consumer added to the optin form). These leads accumulate over time and hence can be categorized and filed different ways, like a CRM. When a new lead arrives, the app alerts them.
Lots more than that, but that’s the gist. Can anyone suggest what template to start with?

Hey there @drkgths,

I’d take a look through @ZeroqodeTeam’s website because they do have a lot of templates and one might fit your needs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reference @johnny appreciate it! :pray: :slight_smile:
@drkgths check it out here https://zeroqode.com

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