Template Recommendation for Talent Agency

Hi there! Interested in any recommendations for a template that would work well with our talent agency. Essentially we would like to display lists (that can be filtered) of talent with image previews that can then be clicked on to view a full profile page with a bio, relevant tags, photos, videos and their contact info.
Appreciate any recs! :slight_smile:

Welcome James! Do you need a full template, or will just piecing something together to get you started work? It’s actually not super complicated to put together what you are asking.

Hey Justin! I am very new to Bubble but very excited about the possibilities. I’m open to either a full template that already has all of these features or piecing it together.

I found this profile template that I think could be useful: Profile Page Block by Zeroqode

Now just thinking through the list aspect. Any insights are welcome!


I’ve sent you a direct message ^.^