Template Sale - How to withdraw?

Hey Guys,

I’ve sold a few template and would like withdraw the earnings. I’ve also connected a stripe account but it doesn’t reflects there. I’m not able to understand it.

Attaching screenshots for your reference.

Appreciate a response.


Like you can read on this page, you will receive a tranfer in your stripe account on 5th of the new month

you have to specify a minimum to payout

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Yes but it isn’t there. Stripe account shows nil.

yes that is done. The payout is greater than the minimum payout specified

But it was not already transfered. You need to wait on May 5. In most case, this happen late in afternoon (EST)

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No but there’s also a sale in January 2023 for which I haven’t received the payment

Is connected stripe account have Indian Bank account?

If yes, Stripe connect is not available in India. So reach out to support and ask them for one time settlement via PayPal


Thanks for your response Ankur.

Reach out to Stripe or Bubble?

@rohitwadhwani17 reach out to Bubble support.

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Thanks man. Will do

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For a few months now, we have been missing sales receipts for templates. When we contacted Bubble last month, they confirmed the issue and assured us that the missing receipts would be paid out by May 5th.

Apart from January, we have not received any sales receipts for templates from December of last year.

As we are uncertain of the amount we will receive in May, we will investigate the outstanding template sales that have not been processed.

I’m sure Bubble will resolve this for you but do make sure you reach out to the support staff.

In my case, I haven’t received it for Jan even.

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