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[Template] Top Shelf Calendar - Scheduling & Bookings like Calendly

@gf_wolfer I have incorporated your template in to my app and was hoping to customise a little further. I have a separate calendar in my app, and would like to block the dates from the schedules if a user adds something to the ‘other’ calendar.

I was thinking of doing this on a looped backend workflow…but wanted to check how I would block the dates…is this something you could guide me on please?

PS this template is amazing, so pleased I found it.

Edit - I’ve worked out how to block entire days, but I’m hoping to block time ranges rather than whole days

Ahh was missing the Booked Time Range - that’s all working now. Appreciate the support @gf_wolfer.

Great to hear the template is working well for you!

I always hate to give this answer but… it depends. It depends what this ‘other calendar’ is and how you want it to relate to another calendar.

Generically speaking here, when you use the Get Available Times element to block out ‘booked time ranges’, you can use any combination of Data Sources to create a list of Booked Date/Time Ranges and feed them into the plugin - how you search or load them on page before feeding them into the plugin depends on how your app is structured and data is related.