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Templates inside the app

Hello, Guys,

Great community here!

I need help with some things regarding letting users pick templates.

The scenario is the following (resume building app)

  • Users logs in and choose a template.
  • The information he inserts in the form populates the database, and it shows a live preview of the template (let’s say I have this figured out). I kept it simple, every user can create one resume (the logic for multiple resumes is a bit complicated for my knowledge).

-Now, I would love to let users dynamically change the templates (with a live preview) after completing the forms (let’s say as a final step).

How can I do this?

My idea is different pages for every template and just redirect the user from template 1 page to template 2 page. This would be a problem because when a user press ‘save resume’ , the choice has to remain in his profile for that specific resume.

Is there any other way to dynamically change the template in the page when a user presses a button?

Thank you,


Great question! I would suggest using Custom States to achieve this. For example, you could create a tab element with three different resume templates.
Selecting a tab will show only that resume template, selecting the next tab will show the next template, etc., without having to redirect to another page.
You could then use dynamic data (drawn from the data saved from the original form) to fill in each of the templates.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you!

It helps! I will look into customs states.

Much love!

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