Temporarily deactivate Workflow Condition or Step

Would be nice to be able to temporarily deactivate a Workflow Condition or a Workflow Step.

Sometimes your just testing conditions or spotting an issue and it’s annoying to delete a whole condition or some steps inside. Would be much easier if you could just deactivate them with a checkbox. Some kind of Bypass action.



Why not just add a current date/time is empty condition to it when you want to deactivate ?

Because sometimes you have a complex logic on the condition and you don’t want to mess around with it.

I think a checkbox next to the “debug” one, would be pretty useful and straight forward to understand. Something like “Bypass” on/off.

I am also looking for this. I had this problem when I came across the Safari bug where some elements refuse to show but do in all other browsers.

I wanted to turn off each workflow and check them one by one, so that I could debug which workflow was causing the Safari issue.

+1 on this. I’ve used conditions to do it, but it’s time-consuming and sometimes not practical if you already have conditions.

Also, a visual hint (like a pause icon, a faded colour, etc) might make it easier to locate the paused actions.

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