Temporarily reduce capacity(development) to test speed

I want to increase my app’s capacity to get it up to speed and commercial grade ASAP. However there are still many speed tests and improvements that will have to be made on new and existing features in the future. In order to test the effect on speeds of small changes it is easier if the app is slow, otherwise its basically impossible to test anything that makes a small difference due to variabilities across the global data route and the inaccuracy of trying to count milliseconds.

So I am suggesting adding a feature to temporarily decrease capacity for the development version (or just slow it down in a way that allows the effect of small changes on speed to be seen).

The efficiency of the app will be critical in order to scale it fast enough for its competitive environment.

You can use the debugger to check for the loading time of each condition.

What mode of the debugger should I use to do this?
Is the debugger working for you or other people in step by step?
For me it doesn’t work in step by step for any app, it just stays with blue loading bar. Other modes work fine. Bubble said there was an error but they didn’t know when it would be fixed.