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"Temporary bug" problem

All the sudden we started getting these errors. Unfortunately it is difficult to understand what exactly is going it - the error message is not really helpful. This portal is done by a low-code agency, and they cannot figure out what’s going - and their own web site shows the same error from time to time! Anybody experienced it? How did you fix it?

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I’m getting the same when I try and push to live.

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It could be many things but for me often this most usually is an error in my conditions, that doesn’t come up in the issue checker. For example referencing a deleted Thing. Or an error that the issue checker hasn’t logged yet because it is on a Bubble page or reusable that you haven’t opened in a long time.

Or looking at this - it looks it could be a 3rd party service - maybe it is sometimes unavailable? Which might show up in the Bubble logs?

Have a look for any generic workflow that is catching errors - maybe that is hiding the real cause of the error from you?

And this thread has some helpful tips on looking in the Developer console - Recurring error in an app developed on Bubble - #5 by tatyana.zablotski

Or it is an issue in Bubble … fun fun fun … and then it’s Bug Report time Bug Report | Bubble

Interesting, I have not been able to deploy my site either. Do you know if your Web App ‘issues’ can tamper with your site ability to be deployed?

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