"Terminate This Workflow" Action Long Delay Bug

Hello @neerja

Am I right in saying that Bubble is aware of the bug which can cause a workflow to be delayed if we use the “Terminate this workflow” action?

I just had a workflow which was taking on average 10 seconds to complete, and sometime just never completed at all with one of these actions in. Now I’ve changed the logic to remove the Terminate this workflow action, it completes in the blink of an eye every time.

Can you let us know if you are easily able to fix this unhelpful behaviour?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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+1 on this

One assumes it takes time to roll back any database changes that have been done previously.

Do you experience something like this?

Same kind of thing… I have a simple, non fancy condition, and it suddenly creates this long delay…

I reported it long time ago, but support team couldn’t figure it out and it was taking too much time from my side to recreate scenarios. Eventually I gave up and worked around it.

Well I’m starting to do the same… but it hasn’t been without pain to find out what is going on, and I want to save others from the same pain!


It would be however great that Bubble could prioritise this bug because it has a big impact on performance and makes using “Terminate workflow” useless when you can only expect random behaviour in performance terms.

@neerja can you help us out?

@antony @JonL A bug report will be helpful with ‘terminate this workflow’ action in a workflow that consistently shows this behavior

Can check ticket #3944 ?

I believe the pages with the bug are still there and accessible.


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@JonL Thanks, will followup on that email thread.

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