'Terminate this workflow' performance issue

Hi there,

I’m wondering if others have experienced page loading delays or performance issues using terminate this workflow with a conditional filter (Only when…)

I read this post about another user, who seems to have experienced a similar issue.

In my specific case:

  • my workflow is attached to a button
  • that button is inside a repeating group
  • the workflow function is to navigate to the next page in the repeating group (or terminate based on a condition)
  • the workflow is inside a reusable element

Some behavior I’ve noticed:

  • there is a noticeable delay before the repeating group advances (about 4-5 seconds) when terminate this workflow is present inside the buttons workflow
  • when I remove terminate this workflow the workflow action executes almost immediately and the repeating group advances
  • I have a ‘back button’ that returns to the previous page. When I advance to the next page, then return back, then execute the workflow for a 2nd time. It is much quicker to complete on the 2nd time. This doesn’t continue after a refresh of the page.
  • It doesn’t matter what the condition inside terminate this workflow is. It is slow regardless. I have tried evaluating a simple boolean state, the current time, complex do a search for… db queries and each yield the same long 4-5 second delay.

I’m wondering if this is behavior others have experienced?

I opened a bug report sometime ago about this issue but unfortunately it wasn’t affecting too many people to have enough priority for Bubble team.

I was wasting more time trying to set “scenarios” for Bubble to investigate than working on my app.

In the end I gave up and looked for another approach. It wasn’t worth the time.

But I can assure you the terminate workflows are bugged as they affect performance.

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