Ternary operator

We need ternary operators!!!

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I know the answer (I’ve built private JS-style plugins for various boolean-ish operations), but I’d like to hear this from YOU:

How, EXACTLY, would you implement that in a point-and-click environment?

What would the interface be? What would the outputs be?

(I’m not being combative, I’m doing market research here. Or maybe I’m going to curse. Who knows!? Suck it and see!)

I don’t know tbh. But if I could somehow consolidate multiple actions into one that’d be nice to have.

Now that I think about it, it’s not really a need.

It just annoys me to look at lol

But an action with:

Thing to change (Ex. Employee)
Fields A = “”
Field B = “”
Field C = “”
Conditional #1 for above fields ^
Field D = “”
Conditional #2 for Field D^
Alternative for Field D if condition #2 not met
Field E = “”
Conditional #3 for Field E^
Edit different field (Field F = “”) if condition #3 not met

Use a + button like the “+ change another field” but instead for an alternative field to change or alternative answer to that field