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Test with Immediate Results

Hey everyone, looking for any help we can get with this issue.

We’re creating a test to help users identify their nutrient deficiency based on their deficiency symptoms. It’s a simple survey with multiple choice questions on the front-end after which, user is presented with answers (i.e. Nutrient deficiencies). Similar to a personality test.

Our issue is that Bubble’s search/contain function will only match the symptoms up to the deficiencies if all of the symptoms match rather than just some of them and that’s not normally the case.

We also tried reversing the process where we created a new data type for Symptoms and listed the different deficiencies that each symptom may be a result of. From there, we tried to check the amount of times a deficiency shows up on that list, which will determine the most likely deficiency that a user has. However, the page was extremely jittery due to the amount of conditional statements there were, to the point where it was not even usable. Hope that makes sense.

Is there another way you would go about this? Thanks!

Hello :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the editor? I haven’t set up multiple choice questions before, but would be happy to take a look and see what to try!