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Testers needed: Whitelabel plugin for bubble app with multiple domains

Thnx for testing. Can you send me the error you are getting as a screenshot? And the workflownyou setup?

This could be really interesting for my rpg app - BattleMap.
If you’re still looking for testers I’d be happy to give it a go.

@cristian1 I tested out the login ( check the test app on top ). It works. You can find in the editor how you should code it. Also looked at the subpage that works to (but you need to give it a path and not a page name like /sub-page. Corrected that in the manual). Still waiting on bubble to approve.

@gaimed Thanks for your help. Login is now working. I was using “an element has an error” instead of the general “unhandled error occurs”. I checked in your editor and it was easy to see my mistake.
But I still have problems with the bubble path field. It goes to the correct page, but parameters are not working. I tried to send it to /destino/tangent-1576882816530x273879131354737300 and it just goes to destino. I must be missing something.

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Yes. Path is done by bubble on client side. There is no arguments on clientside because of the whitelabel. So you need to use the url (will be your whitelabel url) to figure out what record to load. I think its website_url

Ill clarify this in the docs as well.

I am adding some new features. To map multiple pages.

Like => index => domain_1_pricing

This will allow you to create custom paths for multiple pages. Also will be adding a way to update existing whitelabeled domains

Thanks for your help, I finally managed to solve it.
I had to use “website_home_URL” and a bit of REGEX to extract the subdomain from that path. The regex part was quite difficult for me, but I finally got it. So it seems that your plugin could be useful, I was doing that part with an iframe, but your solution is much cleaner. I’ll have to talk to my hosting provider to see if there’s a way to dynamically create DNS records.

Hello @gaimed, I’ve found a new problem. I can’t upload files if I’m using the new domain. I have a couple of Picture Uploaders in my app, and they work ok if I use the “normal” bubble domain. But when using the new whitelabel domain, I get an error (Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!).
Any idea why this could be happening and how to fix it?

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Pretty dope! … Super useful.

Will monitor this as soon as you deem it stable @gaimed and wish you best of luck!

Thnx for letting me know. Ill test it and try to find a bugfix. I have a action get domain from host in the plugin. It allows to get the domain from the website home url.

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Hi @cristian1 I am also not able to upload files/images. I think we will need to create a custom plugin that uses the data api to upload images/files or use something that uploads to s3 directly. I will try to ask bubble if they are able to fix the error… But I don’t think they will…

ok @gaimed, let’s see if you manage to solve it somehow with the help of bubble.
Hope that @emmanuel can say something. If bubble wants to be useful for SaaS projects, we need to find a way to have custom domains for each of our clients as most SaaS do.

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I found a workaround. It will cost a couple of hours maybe (or less) for a plugin developer to create it (I dont have the time)

Its easy actually:

  • create a file upload / image upload element (using the plugin)
  • get the base 64 of the file, file name (and optionally the id to attach it if its private file)
  • make a axios call to the original bubble app (by the plugin)
  • give back the file path to s3 back (and preview image inside the element if its a image)
  • allow for dropping files/images
  • allow for selecting multiple files

So the action or element will have to take the bubble app name (to make original requests to the bubble app).

Inspired by:

I am afraid as bubble dev team is working on lot of stuff that they wont be able to prioritize this (or maybe its even to difficult to fix). But the workaround should be able to fix that.

@shawnmi6 @shot @nocodeventure @yusaney1 do you guys have time for this? and how much would it cost to create it?

Any updates on the plugin being accepted? Still can’t see or find it


Still no update. Waiting for 16 days. Guess bubble team is busy

Any progress on the plug-in yet? Is it still under review? If you need a beta tester, hit me up!

Plugin is live! [new plugin] Whitelabel multiple domains for bubble apps