Testing 4 or 5 Apps(sharing same data) at same time with Bubble?

Hi, Bubblers!
Definitely I get a lot of help from this forum. Thank you guys!

I want to make sure before I make a decision.
I was thinking it could be much more interactive If I set up 5 or 6 apps sharing same data.
Is it possible with Bubble?

But I’m still working on my first app from scratch. And, I’m just making second app to interact with the first app. So the first app is for ordering movies. then second app is for a staff to see the order and prepare.

I want to see whether it works at same time at preview.
How can I see both apps at same time?
Should I upgrade my plan to Production Plan then I can see 5 or 6 apps’s working at same time on preview?

It could be a simple question. But I just wanted to make sure!

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