Testing - Confirm Email in Data Tab

Hey Bubble,

Any way you can allow us to confirm emails for testing purposes. I am trying to use emails like user@domain.com and just want to “confirm” the email but I can’t seem to find anyway to do that in the Data tab “App Data” section. That would make things easier for testing if i didn’t have to actually use real email addresses to just do testing on the dev side, not “live”. Hope this is something that you can do. If anyone else knows their workaround let me know. Thanks.


in gmail, the emails to myemail+1@gmail.com will get set to myemail@gmail.com because gmail ignores the plus and any content after it.

As such, you can use a single email address from gmail to create millions of accounts for your site. For example, myemail+2@gmail.com, etc.


Hey @sridharan.s, thanks for that. I remember reading about that in the forum. That makes sense, but how do you check off “email confirmed” on any of those emails without actually going to your email and clicking a link?

We don’t require confirmation so I haven’t tried a solution for that, but it seems like you could run a separate action to send the emails (and don’t require confirmation) if it starts with myemail+ and ends with @gmail.com - just an idea.

I have a lot of workflows that happen only when the user’s email is confirmed. I think that is the issue… :confused:

We’ve found that it’s helpful to build our own admin pages so we can manage data in ways that aren’t near as easy from within Bubble’s editor. Any chance that’d be a good solution for this?

I do that too. Not in this case with email confirmations unfortunately. It’s ok. I don’t think @Bubble will have time to do this anyways. It’s alright. I’m sure they have a lot of stuff on their plate right now.

Thanks for this tip - every now and then there’s a really simple tip which can have a big positive impact - and this is one of those!!

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@J805 Email confirmed is set to yes by clicking link in your email. This field is not visible in the data tab and cannot be modified there.

Hey @neerja,

Thanks for chiming in. :slight_smile: Is there any way this can be added to a the Development side, no need for it on the Live side. That would make testing a lot easier. :+1: