Testing for created by (App admin) creator

I need to :filter out records created by a workflow.
When I look at the Created By field I see (App admin).
I have the text (App admin) in an option set.
When I filter using:
creator <> get an option > myOption:firstitem’s(App admin).
I get the error “Value should be user but right now it is text”.
Is there another way of testing for this.
Your assistance will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

creator needs to be a user not a text value

Why do you have that text in an option set?

Try created by is empty? I’m not sure if that will filter out app admin or not

or created by isn’t in do a search for user (no constraints)

Thanks for the suggestions.
I tried created by is empty but that didn’t filter out anything.
So I tried the 2nd suggestion and same result.
So, I’m stumped on how to filter on the creator field.

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