Testing is very low

Hi there, I spend a lot of time testing my software. How can I do it faster?

Caffeine. :crazy_face:

Seriously though, there’s this tool for automation. Also, most modern browsers have some built-in recording capabilities which could help automate testing, but it won’t be as easy to use as a tool like the one referenced.

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But this is just for testing screen sizes, right? Not to test the app itself and figuring out situations where it can break.

No, it’s for actually simulating user input and more. Haven’t actually tried it myself, but it’s likely built on top of the built-in browser recording capabilities, and that has a pretty extensive API.

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Using Recorder in Chrome Dev tools is pretty useful too! :fire:



I’m really annoyed I’ve never seen this… and I actively use dev tools everyday… haha. Thanks!


Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. I’m pretty sure it’s using the same API as Preflight. Preflight looks like it has a pretty slick UI though.

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The API has been around (and evolving) for years, but I think it’s only fairly recently that some of the capabilities have been exposed in dev tools.

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