Text changing itself to logo?

HI there,
Not sure whether this is a bug or a new feature bubble added, but every time I type in a company name, it changes to a logo and I can’t see how to revert it back…Super annoying yet great feature at the same time.Any advice?
Screenshot Capture - 2022-04-25 - 00-16-27

Hi there, @bryankullet… this response probably isn’t going to be helpful , but is that really just a text element with the company name in it? I mean, the following expression will show the logo, but I have no idea how the logo would be showing with just the name there.


A text element with just a word in it should only display the word, of course, so how in the heck are you doing that??? :slight_smile:


Something strange going on there…

I’m guessing that’s a link element (not a text element?), and it seems like you’ve got the ‘Show an Icon Instead of an Image’ box checked (although it must be set on the style you’re using for your link, as it’s not visible at the top)…

But usually when that is checked you don’t see the text box in the link properties editor (just a dropdown to select an icon)…

So it could well be a bug… have you tried refreshing the editor?

Hey @mikeloc @adamhholmes ,
Sorry false alarm.Seems its the font that I installed can with some funny yet sick functions.Hadn’t quite figured it out until I checked and saw its actually called “Brands”.Must have some features that calls the logo when the brand name is typed or something

Can view here


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