Text collaboration


I’m having trouble with a text collaboration app.

In brief, I want several users to be able to work together on a text. I have two pages, one with the text editor and one “project overview page” with an overview of changes made to the text (sorted by modified date).

The idea is that when a user makes a change to the text, and saves it (button), the repeating group on the “project overview page” adds that change to the list. When another user clicks on that change, it takes them back to the text editor. There, they find the text from the last user, and the current user can start working on top of that, saving it and so on.

Right now, I have trouble showing the changes in the repeating group. I’m also drawing a blank how to make it so other users of the project can see the changes made as well.

Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.

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