“Text contains” Api search constrain behaving same like “equals” constrains

Hi bubblers!
I really need help from someone, I have connected my app with dropsource, it works really well, but I am having a little problem when searching a list returned by the Api to dropsource, when I use the constrain “equals” it find me the exact string I am looking for and that is good, but when I use the “ text contains” I can not make it work as in bubble when searching for something you use data operations “contains” that show me all the results showing me all the results cotaining the string I asked not only the exact string and nothing else? Si using equals and text constains is returning the same.

I wish I could explain myself here.

Thanks guys.

I’ve seen the same issue. I was planning on using the Search and Autocorrect Plugin to tailor my fuzziness and “closeness” goals.