Text Element that calculates average of column from table element


Newish user… I’ve created a table element (using ‘do a search for’ criteria to get data from my database) and trying to create a text element that is an average of all numbers in column E of the table element.

If I ‘do a search for’ from my text element, the only option is to search my database.

Appreciate help on just taking an average from column E of the table element.

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You can’t access the columns in a table as far as I know. Maybe once the table is final (not beta), they will arrange that but currently no.

So, in order to get the average, you have to do a Search for Item:each item’s number value:average. Item is whatever item and number value is whatever you put to that column in table.

hi @jakemorissette

as @hergin already mentioned, you dont have to take data from your table to give out an average. Just pick the data directly from database and build the average.

As a good advice, if you are new to bubble: Dont work with tables, work with repeating groups (RG). Most things can be done via a RG and you will understand much faster how bubble works and how you manage data and build your app.

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Thanks @hergin and @jf1 that’s very helpful

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