Text height shrink problem


I’m quite new to Bubble. Thank you in advance for your help.

When text block is shrinking its hight on the first page load - I see 2 problems.

But if I will refresh the page - it is fine. Here is example:

Do you know what part of the page load is causing this issues?

Hey there!

I know it can be frustrating when it should work but it doesn’t. Might be a bug to report. Before reporting the bug I would just confirm that the text is not overlapping even one pixel. Also make sure there are no other elements underneath or overlapping as well.

Sometimes there are elements that get mistakenly placed on the page that can cause issues.

If that isn’t the problem then maybe doing a bug report if it is reproducible.

Hope that helps a little. :blush:

Actually I found a reason. If text is centered and the high of the text block is changing, then it seems that Bubble calculates the height earlier than the text data is delivered. With left side text - everything is fine. Both issues are the reason of this flow.

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Cool. Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile: What a relief! :sweat_smile:

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