Text in button is not central

Hi Guys,

This is a screenshot of a button with text “Overall” in it"
And also a screenshot of its editor.

I couldn’t get the placeholder set “overall” at the center of the button, though I’ve set it central in the panel


Can you tell me

1, how to fix it ?

2, if I instead use a text box here and add a workflow to it ( “when clicked the text box”) , the text box could just replace the button , effectively. Right ?


Do you have any padding set in the layout panel of the button?

Hi @dorilama ,

Here’s the screenshot of the padding .

I just changed the left to 12, now it looks better !

Why is that ?

set padding to 0. center the text.

if you expect the button is small (like in the pic)
padding left/right 3~4px enough for your case…

as expected: the left and right padding is too much for the size of the button.

start from 0 and add a smaller one if needed

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