Text in reusable header not responding

Hi there,

I have created a reusable element that I am using as a header on all my pages in the app. I have created some text that shows the “logged in user first name” and “logged in user second name”. I have set the text to underline on hover and I have set a workflow to redirect the user to a page where they can edit their own details - phone number, address etc.

I did this last night, tested it and working fine. Now it is not working at all. No hover, no redirection.

Is this a bug??

Can anyone help with this,



Can you open your app to let us view it?

I would prefer not to
would be happy to connect on skype and share screen
would you be happy to di that?
I am in Sydney Australia
skype name is simply frankstillone

Sorry, I’m not going to take the time to download Skype and screen share with you to figure out your problem. I don’t have all the time in the world.

You can PM me a link to view the editor.

You need to add more detail in this post for us to be able to help you. Screenshots/videos/etc. Right now we’d just be guessing as to why you’re having this problem.

Thank you,

I totally understand and appreciate your help. I am new to bubble so figuring out the app and how to work with the community,

Much appreciated,


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