Text notifications instead of push notifications?

Has anyone tried using text notifications as an alternative to push notifications?

I am evaluating bubble for a social app and some form of instant notification on mobile is mandatory for several features. Since web app notifications are unsupported by Apple on iOS and wrapping a web app in a native app is complex I am trying to find some creative workarounds.

Text notifications could be sent via a 3rd party SMS service like Twilio. Or, with more effort on the users part, texted to the user via a carrier’s email-to-text feature.

The former would take some integration work and there are per message costs. The latter takes a little more work on the users part and I have noticed by using this in another app that the text messages come from a unique number each time (no threads) and get flagged on my Android phone as potential spam all the time . Yuk.

Anybody else think about this?

I’ve been sending push+email+in-app alert (bell) notifications. You are right, getting push to work is a big pain. Email generally works, but then users don’t like too many emails.
Tagging along to see if someone has a good alternative.