Text on Bubble websites unreadable by Google & word counters

Hey everyone!

I’ve been using bubble for many years now and always had difficulty with SEO (all my bubble apps perform poorly on search even with lots of optimizing), so I wrote a few blogs on my website to help but during this I found out that Google cannot read anything on the blog pages!

I tried using website word counters to count how many words are in the blog and there’s barely anything! Take a look at the screenshots below:

This is my blog at How to find influencers | Reachr

This website is detecting only 5 words on the page!

This is from an SEO checker, it’s also detecting no content on the page.

I tried this with other bubble apps and I’m getting similar results. And I used this word counter with website not built on bubble and it can read the page content just fine.

Did anyone experience something similar? Any help appreciated!

Yeah that bot isn’t waiting around for your dynamic content to render. Yeah that’s an issue but it is what it is.

Thanks for your reply, it’s not even dynamic content its completely static, just text on a page. Is there a way I can make it more static? :sweat_smile:

Bubble renders with JS. Bubble also has atrocious first time load mobile load speeds (in the ballpark of 8-11 seconds for first contextual painting on mobile for a page with single text element).

These two things make it a bad idea to run marketing content through bubble. My suggestion is host your app on a subdomain, all marketing, main website, blog, & landing pages on something like webflow or Wordpress.

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That doesn’t look like a particularly sophisticated tool now, does it? The content in a text element (even if static) is likely NOT downloaded to the page with the HTML in Bubble. The Googlebot is more sophisticated than this.

To see what Google sees, visit Google Search Console and inspect the URL And then you’ll have an option to see what Google sees. It sees my static text elements.

Yup I tried it out in Google search console and Google can only see the page colors basically, no elements on the page at all.
Is there any way to format it so Google can see it? At least the text, thanks!

The point is to look at the HTML view of the page in GSC and see if the text you’re concerned about is in there. For simple text elements in my apps, I see it (meaning Google saw it when crawled).

It seems just fine in a decent tool like SEOptimzer:

And besides, the page is indexed by Google, and showing in search, so clearly Google can see it just fine.

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