Text on top of text on the right and left of the screen

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I have a question: maybe someone has ideas or has encountered something similar - how can I implement such a design with steps?

If I implement it as a photo for the background of a group, it works correctly for 1 and 3 (the number, i.e. the picture, is fixed on the right side), but step 2 - the number “02” goes to the right beyond the screen. Is there any way to fix the background photo on the right side or are there other ways to implement it?

Thank you!

Design from Figma:

“02” moved to the right outside the screen

You should give more details about how the 02 in your design is positioned so we can help you. Without any further info, we can’t know what’s going on. Show the layout tab of the 02 maybe.

Hello! Thank you for your response. Could you please tell me what exactly needs to be clarified?

On the first photo I attached, you can see the layout of the steps (01 with text on the left, 02 with text on the right, 03 on the left, etc.) for a 1440 screen

and in the second photo you can see that 01 with text (just bolded text) is distributed correctly, but “02” disappears beyond the screen at 992 width

For width 1200 the situation is the same

what is the min width set on the parent group?

has a minimum width of 0, but nothing has changed depending on this parameter

I now have these numbers on the background added as a photo on the background of step groups (i.e., I have step 01 - on the background of the group is a photo with “01”, in the group is all text and photos).

Is it possible to make these numbers on the background in a different way, not as a photo, maybe somehow using fixed groups? Or will it not adapt correctly?

if you are still having trouble with the background image, you could try using text for the numbers and “align to parent”. Let me know if that’s clear to you

Ohh, thank you so much! This option with align to parent is really great for my case!

Happy to have helped

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