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Text "Slide Show"

Hey Bubble Folks!

Right now I have a “tag line” on our landing page. In the middle of that tag line is a serious of words that rotate. You can check it out here.

Now they way I have they working is, I created a series of Data Points. I have a workflow set that every 5 seconds I so a search for one of those data points and then :random and send that data to a group.

The issue is, well sometimes probability wins, and we randomly get the same word, and sometimes that even happens 3 times, so you really lose the effect, when the same word is there for 15 seconds.

So my question is, is anyone aware of a way to do this without using :random? Or a way to clean it up?

I’m also open to doing this entirely differently. This is just the best way I’ve found to do it so far.

Can you store a number as a state on the text. Increment it in the workflow that points to some text. Then have a workflow when it reaches the maximum to reset to zero ?

We added random order for sorting recently, you can use that an just get the next item with what Nigel is recommending.

I think random numbers was being random and bringing up the the same number again (as is the nature of random numbers) so they were looking for a way to bring them up in a slide show style ?

Figured out a Simple solution

I have a group with and the type of content is “Taglines”. And then text with Dynamic Data “Parent Groups Tagline Title”

I manually entered a handful of Taglines Title into Data (Medicine, Outcomes, Devices, etc.)

Then In the workful I have the following action. Every 4 Seconds Display Data in Group Taglines. Data to Display: Search for Tagline:Random Item with the constraint: Titel <> Group Taglines Title.

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Nice :smile:

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