Text style is not applying on list number


I’ve noticed that text style is not applying on a numbers for list formatting.
As you can see text itself has a black shadow, but list Numbers - doesn’t.

Hmm, when you remove the default style (Index Step-by-Step Instructions), does the shading still not show properly?

@dan1 sorry, didn’t got your question correctly. What do you mean by - “remove the default style”?
As you can see - there is no default style, but custom instead which applies a Text Shadow. On a regular text - Text Shadow works fine, but for Numbers in List - there are no text shadow.

My suggestion was to try removing the style associated with the element and apply it on the element itself. Though I just did a test and it doesn’t resolve.

This may be a bit of a bug. (I’d agree that it should apply a shadow to the list (ordered or bulleted), just as it does with text color. If it’s a blocker for your application, I suggest raising it with the Bubble team directly.

Prior, what I meant to say is, instead of this,

Do this

Unfortunately your solution doesn’t work.
Same behaviour for Numbers as with Style.

Correct, as I noted in my post, my suggested solution does not work. I had provided it for clarity.

If the text shadow on lists is essential to your app’s function, I suggest you make a bug report to Bubble.

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