Text vs. Address Geographic Input Option

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My app has 2 user cases, those posting jobs and those searching. I want addresses/zip codes to be sortable by job seekers (ie "search jobs in x mile radius), but would also like the job poster to be able to save the address to their personal history and have it available in a drop down menu to reuse as an autofill in future postings.

I’m assuming addresses can only be searchable via an “x mile radius” feature if the geographic address option is used. Is there a benefit to using the text input group instead? Is this even possible?

I saw this on a previous post but it didn’t quite answer my question. Thanks for your help!

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You need a data type called “saved addresses” which you can add all the necessary fields. Than you can use those fields to pull up any information.

Ok, so follow up question (I’m REALLY struggling with how to organize my database):

In essence, a job can breakdown something like this:


  • Job Details
    • Name
    • Sport
    • Pay
  • Job Location #1
    • Location Name
    • Location Address
    • Location #1 Site Contact
      – Name
      – Phone
    • Location #1; Shift #1
      – Date
      – Time
    • Location #1; Shift #2
      – Date
      – Time
  • Job Location #2 (etc)

I’m confused as to which would be better organized as a data type vs. a field type in this case. Any thoughts? Initially I was thinking of 3 data types: job searcher profiles, job poster profile and jobs, but now I’m really confused.

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