Text when responsive shows the bottom of the text and cuts off top text

It doesn’t appear to be a responsive setting that I can control;
I have text as part of the opening page and it works fine when in full screen however when in responsive mode (or when you just narrow the browser) the text starts to cut off the TOP of the text and keeps the bottom bit. Is there a setting that I’m overlooking that starts the text at the beginning? “Cut off content if too tall” is not checked; and “Shrink if the text gets shorter” is not checked. You can see the behavior at imagesforothers.com

maybe the text is set to fixed width. If you haven’t you should watch tutorials on responsive design

lesson learned - I had made my header a floating group (no, I don’t know why) - fixed that bit and that solved the problem; I did have to go back and touch all pages again to save the page since the type of group changed - otherwise the header didn’t show. Thanks for the help.