Thanks for Bubble :-)

Thanks for Bubble :slight_smile: Its really amazing. And im using it only since 4 days in paid mode.

In the past as non programmer the study of javascript, phyton, css, html, whatever needed so much time and then you have also to manage a server and whole server stack… in best case you have a managed server. But short: everything was too much. Way to much. I liked programming, logic, designing… but so much on the machine level to take care of.

And with bubble this deeper machine level is gone. Its still programming. Its not a simple website building on the other side. Its programming without code. I feel like programming, not like “website building”. And this i like, that i now can programm. Its fun. But without machine level code and without managing the machine server.

In my opinion, there will be a boom! in some years. Then all the big players will understand the potential. The future is definitve that anybody with a deeper interest and some skills will do their own programms. It will be normal that kids already with 7-8 years “build something for the web”. Like eating breakfast.

While the extreme programmer and hackers, like friends of mine with gigantic coding talents, take care on the cloud machines and huge programms and networks. Of course the less developed programmers will have a job problem with this. But they will also have a problem with robots, artificial intelligence writing code. That will be the drawback. No change without some people who have then to find new ways in the job.

So hopefully bubble does in the future everything right, so that the “new programmers” still love bubble like myself after 4 days programming on it. Of course, some things are missing in bubble and have to be improved (like a way better manual with examples and screenshots for every option; another forum post). But in this moment i doesnt know another service with this focus on programming without code, which do so much right. Thank you!