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The Add Plug-in menu is too slow to use properly.

It freezes and is unusable.
Too bad.

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We don’t add or try to find plugins regularly but once we do, I agree, it just freezes. I’m surprised they used a popup instead of another page to have bubble users explore the products; just some thought I had that probably this causes the adding plugin feature to slow down.

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Hey @shibusen564 @avargosino :wave:

As a work around for now, you can go to this page: Plugins | Bubble

Then choose which app you want to add it to and it will take you to it directly. It’s just a little bit faster that way.

Hopefully @bubble will fix this soon since it is a constant pain point.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you @J805 :slight_smile: But I noticed not all plugins appear in that page. It appears on the plugin popup but not in the plugin marketplace.

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Yep, same here. haven’t been able to load it for days and desperately need to.