The ANTI To Do List // Just track your "Wins" instead!

I’m very happy to share that I built this app over the past 3 days!

It’s a Personal Task Tracker that is the opposite of making yet another to do list…

Instead of keeping track of all the things you have to do, and then constantly revisiting your list of things that need doing and getting anxious and depressed, you focus instead on just doing stuff, and then posting all the “small wins” and progress.

No more to do lists or projects sheets, or GTD or whatever other tool you use (but don’t use!). Fuggedaboutit!

How this started and where I’m at:

This is one of those projects in that I did everything else that was time wasting, except just load up Bubble and building it:

  • Make a Pitch deck? Yep
  • Create a Trello board to track all the stuff I need to do? Yep (oh the irony of that now that I look at it)
  • Google Doc to document all the “features”? Yep
  • Interview some rando on Upwork about funding a startup? Yep
  • Hiring a UX to help me refine the UX of a theoretical app? Yep
  • “Researching” other apps? Yep
  • Chasing all the top VCs on YT like Jason? Yep
  • Watching All in Podcast thinking I’m going to learn some great wisdom? Yep

And then a week ago, I decided… you know what… I’m just going to build it. No matter how long it takes. I looked at some frameworks, posted on Reddit, and even considered going back to my old trusted friend: WordPress.

And then it occurred to me, maybe Bubble needs a second look…

Boom… two days later and about 20 hours… I have a functional app that I’m already using!

What I learned building this: Bubble used to be hard to use but isn’t anymore. I actually signed up for Bubble in early 2020 but never built anything with it at the time. I’m actually super happy with how it turned out and I’m actively using it daily now! 20+ wins in the last 2 days all documented.

Lots more to come! If you want to try it out, let me know and I will send you a link and the early access code.

View the video below to see it in action so far:

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