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The API connector displays: this header name is not correct undefined

Hello Dear,

When I want to initialize the API call I have the following problem:

I do not know what to include in Headers is the resource from where I want to GET an API call, Monitoring


I have tried to exclude the brackets and to put them back but I really have no Idea what to do further… in order to understand what to include in Headers

If the problem in

in the following setting: Autentification

Then why the following API call works well without any Headers?

Thus, I have no idea what to do further :pensive:

With respect!

Help me please…

From the documentation it seems you do not need to put anything in the header. Your unique user key goes in the URL like this:

For the example above I used the regular search (not the saved one). Do not forget to replace the text in the value field of parameter key (see blue box in image above).

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Searching saved searches will look like this:

Full URL:[searchid]/search?q=[keyword]&sentiment=[sentiment]&key=[key]

By using the square brackets (and unchecking the Private checkbox) you can dynamically set the value for f.i. sentiment during workflows.

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Hello Dear,

I have tried to set it according to your example, and it is working perfect now!

Many thanks and respect !!!

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